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Dec 25 11 10:33 AM

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 There are times you don’t want to be seen and that is the time to use camouflage. You may be hunting, and want to get as close to what you are hunting, you may want to be concealed because you see a stranger approaching and not want them to see you until you have a idea what they want, or if they don’t see you they will just keep on going. Camouflage clothes are a lot of help to hide us, and we should have a good supply.

  I have been hunting for a long time, you might say from B C (Before Camo) and there are ways to conceal yourself, I don’t think as good as camo, but will work. One way is to use dull colored clothes. When I was young I don’t recall many bright colored clothes, maybe my folks just didn’t buy many. I remember a bright blue shirt that I liked, my dad called it loud. I found the best clothes to wear to hunt back then were plaid shirts, of dull colors, they do about the same as camo by breaking the pattern of our body. The military used to wear olive drab fatigues, they were a solid color, but blended in with most surroundings. But camo is best. Other little tips to help stay concealed is to stay in cover, stay in trees or brush, or at least keep the trees or brush close behind you to break your pattern. Another thing to do to be concealed is stay in the shade, keep the sun behind you. In the morning, if you look to the east, it will look misty or a haze, and you can’t see very good. Same thing if you look into the sun in the evening, you can’t see what your looking at very well, and neither can any else. Another thing to do is to stay still, anything's eyes catch and look to movement, The way we find a deer or anything is when they move and that is how they find us, so don't move when you are trying to hide, Maybe a few tips to kelp you stay concealed when you need to. 

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Dec 26 11 8:19 AM

Youm mean like that guy on the sports commercial wearing a suit who muddies himself and paints his face in high lighter ha ha ha ha ha ha OKay enough chuckles.  Taylor you are right very right soon this maybe a very important tip

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Dec 26 11 9:21 AM

Hey Faith, I didn't think of face painting, but it will help too, ( the Indains called it war paint) if you know you will need to be concealed, It is best to show as small of a area of skin as possable, and nothing white, like part of your t-shirt.

Psalm 53:2 God looks down from heaven upon the children of men, To see if there are any who understand, who seek God.

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Sep 22 13 10:10 AM

A point to ponder... wearing camo when NOT needed makes you stand out like a big goober... dress like everyone else and blend in... ONLY during an actual incident requiring concealment should you wear camo. The idea is BLEND with your surroundings.. not stick out. The same goes for camo or black "swat" style backpacks or range bags... Police and DHS are now watching for "dissidents" wearing this garb. You WILL BE NOTICED.

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