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Identifying Gods True Church:    Is there really a real Church of God? Is there a group of people that make up the Body of Christ and if there is what does it look like. What are its characteristics and how can one know that it truly is His Church. Matthew 16:18 states the He would build His Church upon a Rock. This Rock is Faith. Hebrews 11:1 states that Faith is the substance of all things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. The Bible speaks of joyous things promised individuals and those things promised are received by faith, or that is they have it within themselves to believe that those things will happen or come to pass. That is through what is called the Holy Spirit when they receive it and to them it is the evidence of things not seen. So after stating this there is one thing that stands out and is very clear. Gods Church has characteristics that only those who are apart of can understand. From the beginning of time there has been falsehood which has watered down God's way and His Truth. I do not believe that there is one Church Origination or one person from any one of those Origination's who believe that they are not of God's Church. There are many who do not attend a Church who are doing their own thing who also believe that they are of the Body of Jesus Christ and God's Church. Thousands upon thousands believe this. People say, just believe in God and how He Loves you and has Saved you and that is all there is to being one of His. After that just say His name a few times a day and how much you love Him and that is all there is to it. Just love the Lord praise His name. All of this is good and should be done but there is more to being a christian than just doing that. Jesus said, if you love me KEEP my Commandments. But there is more to this than just keeping the 10 Commandments, there are Statutes and judgments that are still in effect, that are still binding.  
How can one understand until one knows who we are? Down through the years there have been individuals from all walks of life that have come to the United States of many different nationalities and yes, they are a part of our Nation now. As anyone can see our Country is in deep trouble as of late and there are reason for this but this has been hidden from the people. The United States has always had the status as being the Greatest Nation on Earth and there are good reasons for this but again they have been hidden from the majority of people. In fact only a very select hand full know this. And one not believing it does not make it not be a reality. The United States is a special nation and has been given this status from God. There are many in our Nation that have the status of being Israelite s. Now I am not talking about some who may have come over from the Nation of Israel. I am talking about true blood line Israelite s. And yes, you can know if you are one and we will show you how. Stop and think about it, there are only three categories of people, there are the Jews, the Gentiles and the Israelite s. And out of all of those you have two groups, the believer or the unbeliever. The problem is there are many who believe that they are of the Believer group but are far from it. Oh they believe that Jesus is the Christ but that is about as far as it goes with them. Back to our Nation. God as given us a Birth right blessing as a special Nation and out of this Nation would come some of the descendants of The Lost House of Israel. They would be Israelite s by an inherent nationality by and through Jacob, who had his name changed to Israel. I will give you the Chapters to read for your self and you will see why we are who I say we are. Go to Gen. Ch. 32,35 and 48. I will paraphrase a little on this. You will notice where Jacob was wrestling with a being. This being was later identified as God in verse 30 of Gen. Ch 32. Notice how this being changed Jacobs name to “ Israel”. Later you will read where there were two grandsons involved in a birthright blessing. There names were Ephraim, the younger and Manasseh the older lad. The younger lad would receive the greater blessing and would become a Great Nation, the older brother would receive the lesser of the two but would also become great' but His younger brother would be greater than the older. This has come to pass and has come to reality. The United States and most of its people are of the Israelite heritage, they are Israelite s by a birthright blessing. Your parents have migrated to this Nation that was of an Israelite heritage and have made this prophecy come to pass. There was a time when we as a Nation had need of nothing. I know that most who may read this will not remember when one could but a large and I mean large candy bay for 5 cents. Gas was only 15 cents a gallon. Yes our Nation was truly blessed by God our Creator. But things happened.
       Gods Laws begin to be broken: As time continued the attitude of Satan begin to take over and our Nation begin to fall apart and everything that was good was no more. Yes, a Nation once under God was becoming a Nation under rebellion. We as an Israelite are to adhere to the Laws and the Statutes of God. The Churches became more corrupt as time continued. More Pagan traditions became the norm and those that were observed continued to be observed. Down through time God has preserved His truth through certain individuals and His truth would still be given But it would be given in a rebellious house or group of people. Going about their own agenda would be what they were so god at. Trying to get a following so they would be acknowledged as a great philosopher of something. Is that what God wants? His body of people are to be one, not many fighting against each other. The End time Church will consist of a body of believers that will be “one” not many trying to compete against each other. That is exactly what I see. No reasoning to gather, no coming to gather at all. That is not what God wants and that is not the way the final church, the final body of people will be like. There are those who will make up Gods end time Church but I have not seen them come forward so far. I know what Gods word says and it is not being followed by hardly anyone. God gives identifying signs for this end time group of individuals. They will follow Gods Sabbath day, 7th. Day. They will observe Gods Holy Days, all of them. They will do away with all pagan rituals and ways and adhere only to God. The Spirit of God will inspire only those who will make up His end time Church and will protect them only from the great tribulation. The rest will have to learn their lesson by going through this tribulation and there will be many who will go through it because they did not heed Gods warning.  Me, I do not want a following, I just want people to wake up before it is to late. Sure, I will get on and comment knowing it will fall on deaf ears and some one say Amen, not really knowing what is being talked about. But time is short and we all need to see where God really is before it is to late.