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America Is On The Brink Of Total Destruction and The Reason Is Hidden. By Leo Holley As we approach a time of War in the Middle East and the World, our Nation and the Citizens are sound asleep. Warning after warning has been given but it has fallen on ears that can not or do not want to hear. People live in their own little World and they are not overly concerned about anything but living there life to the fullest, with no interruptions. Many claim to be Christian and they do adhere to the Christian way of live. It is true that many believe in God but they do not believe what He has to say because they do not really understand what that is. The main stream Ministers in reality are not providing their congregations with what is needed in understanding true Salvation. People go to Church and they set and they shake their head in agreement as to what is said , not even knowing really what that is because they do not open the Bible to see if what is being said is the truth. Salvation is not a game but some play around with it like it is. Some say we do not need to worry because God will handle everything. As long as they can go to Church on a Sunday morning that is good with most individuals because they believe they have fulfilled their obligation. Who's obligation are they trying to fill, theirs or Jesus Christs? Why is it that an individual would not want to know the real truth about what God stands for? There may be many reasons why one may not want to check and see what is said is true, but only one really stands out and that would be a considerable life style change if they were to adhere to the truth of God. To follow Jesus Christ and His ways one would have to make a complete turn around from what they are being taught from the Church. The Bible is a literal 360 degrees from what is being taught today in Church.  Hell, Heaven and burning forever in hell fire are just some of the untruth that is being taught today. The only reason one believes this is because they do not check it out to see if what is said is true. False doctrine is all through the Christian origination's and people just want check it out for themselves.     Does the Bible have anything to say about our time, the time we now live? Is there any indications that what we are excperencing is the final days of man as we know it? The truth is the Bible is full of the Prophecies about our Nation and what will become of it in just a few shot months ahead. Individuals have not been shown that we , the United States, are a special group of people. How many know that The United States is a Nation where the majority of the people in it are of the Lost House of Israel? That we, our Nation has a direct birthright blessing for God as to who we are.  But how can that be when the Nation of Israel in the middle East are Israelites? Yes, they are Israelites but they are Isrealie Jews. A Jew can be an Israelite but an Israelite can not be a Jew but only in a spiritual since. There are 12 Tribes or Houses of Israel and they do exist today. AsherBenjaminDanGadIssacharJosephEphraim (son of Joseph)--The United States- see Gen. ch. 32,35 and 48:Manasseh (son of Joseph)--Great Britain- seed Gen. ch. 32,35 and 48:JudahLeviNaphtaliReubenSimeonZebulun   This information has been hidden from most individuals. Only a very select few understand this vital information and because they do know they will understand what is going to happen to our Nation and why. God is a God full of love and information if one will let Him guide them in His truth.  The problem is people do not want God sticking His nose into their business and therefore do not adhere to His will. They believe that there may be a God but they believe it enough to what they call “ be on the save side”.  What is going to be fall our Nation is something that individuals are not prepared for and when it does begin to happen they will be in complete shock. We can see some trends taking place now and that is only the beginning stages of what will happen. Having broken the Laws of God and being His special people we are heading for punishment like never before. Our Nation has and is still following the ways of the “ Roman Empire” and has installed all of it's teaching in the Churches and other organizations. The Mother Church is the catalyst of all this Pagan system. The Mother Church is the Catholic Church and when people begin to rebel against Her they left her. Once they left her they started their own organizations, their own Churches. Revelation Ch. 17: 
Rev 17:5The name written on her forehead was a mystery: Babylon the great the mother of prostitutes and of the abominations of the earth
 The Catholic Church is the Mother Church and is the Mother of Harlots. The Harlot Churches are those who broke off from their Mother and became what is now known as Protestant Churches. The word Protestant means “to protest”. But to protest what? To protest the Mother Church authority, so they broke away and they kept the same pagan traditions as their Mother did and call themselves Christian.  Many Denominations are on every street corner and if they are not keeping Gods Commandments they are part of the Harlot Daughters. Yes the all claim to be of God and they claim to follow Him, but the truth is they are far from Him and His truth. It is now time that the people in those Churches realize what has happened to them and what they can do about it. The teachings in most of those Churches are false and they are Pagan in nature. False teachings are running rampant and are leading the people astray.  The teachings about Hell, Heaven and Eternal Life in most part are false. It will be up the the individual to seek out the truth for themselves because if it is meant for them to know , God will guide them in their study and the truth will be revealed. My web site at www.americasfinaldaysprophecy.org will give some of the information needed.  Gods Sabbath Day has been desecrated and stepped on and is not Observed by the main stream Churches. This has been because the Ministers have told them that it was for the Jews only. What a lie this is. Jesus said that the Sabbath, the 7th day was made for man. For all man kind, not just the Jews.  If there is only one God and His Church is one Church why would He have different things to be done in His Church. He does not but man does and man has changed it to suite himself. But is does not really matter because God is going to re install all of his Truths and if people do not adhere to them they will not be in Gods Kingdom. Our Nation Going Into Captivity: It is written in the pages of the Bible that our Nation will go into Captivity because we have not followed God. There is not one day that is observed by our Nation that has been sanctioned by God, not one. Christmas, Easter, Halloween and Sunday are all Pagan and God is angry because of it.   But people just knock it off and say “God Understands”. Yes He understands alright but He understands them not being faithful to Him. The Book of Hosea describes the Nation of Modern Day America known as Ephraim. It gives in complete detail how we as a Nation will face total collapse because of not following Him in Our Nation. When you read this Book insert America where it states Ephraim and you will see the complete picture. Yes, we are in very bad times and what is happening in the Middle East will be the Catalyst for our destruction. We all need to pray to God for our forgiveness and get right with Him before it is to late.