Oct 8 13 8:51 AM

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 Federal Government Kicks People From Their Home: Lake Meadby END TIME HEADLINES
In a stunning move, the federal government threw people out of their homes on Lake Mead. A popular place to live on a boat, the federal government shut down access to the lake during the federal shutdown. According to  Rob Richardson at OffGrid Surival’s website, the order has had people who live on the Lake Mead scrambling to find another place  to go. People pay monthly fees to moor their boats on the lake. For many who live on the lake,  there house boat is their only home. Some have lived on the lake for as long as 20 years. The National Park Service even pulled the dock so that people who did not comply were stranded. Those who were at the dock did not have enough water to pull their boat out of the water to comply. There appears to be no refund on the fees paid by boat owners either. More